Bow Felix Ikita

Catnip Merch!

Catnip stuff will be available for purchase online soon, we are working on getting a store live. :)

However, if you just cannot wait to get your hands on Catnip stuff, then you can visit the Real Dandy Art booth at any one of these conventions! I always have fresh stuff and I will autograph anything you have free of charge, so come visit me!

The first Volume of Catnip is now available for preorder!

If you would like to reserve your copy of Volume 1 of Catnip, please fill out the form below. Volume 1 covers the first 3 Chapters of Catnip and is 96 Pages total. If you do reserve a copy while we are still in preorder phase, I will include a special, exclusive gift with your copy as well.

Filling out this form is just to confirm your interest, you will not be billed or asked for money now. Once we receive the next batch of books, we will email you a PayPal invoice, and once that is paid we will ship the book out to you as soon as we can!

The price including shipping will be $12. If you'd like to pick it up from me directly at one of the above conventions, I will have then on sale for $9.

Fill this out to secure your copy!

Catnip Volume 1