Catnip Bow! Felix Ikita

Catnip Merch!

Catnip stuff will be available for purchase online soon, we are working on getting a store live. :)

You can visit me at one of the conventions I attend. Please check my main site RealDandy Art for a list of upcoming conventions you cand find em at. I'm always happy to meet fans of Catnip!

The Second Volume of Catnip will be available shortly!

Stay tuned for more details on the 2nd Volume. I plan to have it printed and available by Mid-to-Late 2018!

The First Volume of Catnip is available!

If you would like to pick up a copy of Volume 1 of Catnip, please send an email to Volume 1 covers the first 3 Chapters of Catnip and is 96 Pages total.

The price including shipping will be $12.00 ~ If you'd like to pick it up from me directly at one of the above conventions, I will have then on sale for $10.00

Catnip Volume 1